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On The Job Emergency Services Training, llc
Our Solutions for Government Entites includes:

  • Leadership Training
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  • EMS Training
  • Special Operations Training

Plus comprehensive evaluations, presentations, and individualized programs according to the needs of your Government or Emergency Program.


Solutions for Government Entities

The Mission of On the Job Emergency Services Training, LLC is to provide quality training and consultation services that instills a culture of leadership, initiative and teamwork to individuals and emergency services organizations.


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Several things must be in place in order to develop that culture…


  • Know yourself, first. In order to be a successful leader you must be willing to develop yourself first, every drill, every incident, every interaction, every day.
  • You must know your members in order to help them realize their potential. Whether you work with them every day or see them only at drills and incidents, it is vital that you make it your goal to understand your members if you are to assist them in reaching that potential.
  • Work side by side with your members, not above them. In order to know your members you must work with them on calls, station maintenance, and equipment services. We’re not saying do their jobs for them but if you are not around when your members are performing their jobs you will not know where to start in their development process.
  • The more you work as a team, the more you will work as a team. If you have discussions as a team, train as a team, and learn as a team it will become second nature at an incident or operation.
  • All work doesn’t make you a team. Make an effort to set aside “informal play” time with your members. Be a well rounded leader; take time out to see the big picture with your members. Do you know anything about their life outside your organization?
  • Open your mind. If you aren’t open to criticism, constructive or other, you won’t learn very much. We all make mistakes. Promising leaders learn from their mistakes and help prevent others from making the same ones.


If you are an emergency services leader, be it a newly promoted Lieutenant or a seasoned Chief of Department, you must strive to see that the members under your charge have everything they need to do their jobs safely, to the best of their potential, and go home to their families.

These members are your family – you are their leader!
Ask us how we can work with your members to develop strong leadership qualities.

Anticipation and the determination to create positive ideas and potential resolution to problems are qualities all good leaders possess. The initiative to overcome obstacles and articulate these ideas and resolutions through to fruition make great leaders.

 Initiative, like attitude is contagious. Set the example and watch it thrive.

As emergency services team members our most important job is to have each other’s back, every incident, every drill, every day!

Nothing in emergency services is an individual event;
Every event in emergency services is a learning opportunity.